Kelley & Hall  
is a SCAM!

Kelley & Hall


I’m usually a happy guy trying to be as cooperative as possible, not just with my clients but with my suppliers, but the experience with Kelly and hall has been so bad that I had to dedicate a website to them. When I first talked to Jocelyn, she seemed like a very nice charming person. When we discussed PR for my book, she confirmed that for her two months package, she gets 25 interviews and writing engagements. Not only that, but the engagement can possibly be with CNN-level network type of engagement. I explicitly asked her how many engagements she thinks she can get at that level, and she said she usually gets five. Of course, all this was with the purpose of getting my book on the bestseller list. To be fair, like any other PR and marketing company, this was not promised; it was just assumed.

Well, 25 interviews with some serious caliber individuals in 2 months was somewhat too good to be true, but even if she delivered half of that, I would be super happy, so I paid the deposit and was excited to get started. So Jocelyn sent all the details to fill in and kind of disappeared. One week had passed my book was about to be launched, and nothing from Jocelyn. I had to email her three times to get her on the phone, and she said they were working on it, but it had already lost most of its value because the pre-launch was the most important time. Another two weeks have passed another few emails to get her on the phone. Now I’m getting stressed because no results came in. We already missed the big momentum of the book, Jocelyn said that the first month is always slow, and really, all the results will come in the second month. I was stupid enough to pay the second month hoping for Jocelyn Kelley’s magical results. They never came. I got Zero results. In the meantime, I hired another PR company, and they booked me on 3-5 interviews every month, but when I finally got Jacelyn on the phone again, she blamed this was a big news month with trump, etc… The worst part of the experience is not the Zero results that I paid for but the lack of communication, the lack of reports, and proactive apologies. Every time I needed to get her on the phone, which was sooooo difficult, I needed to squeeze an apology from her. Still, the concept of giving me a refund or anything was out of the question because, apparently, she put in the effort.

At this moment, a year later, I feel that this organization is a scam, and that’s why they clearly don’t have a place to post reviews.

 That’s why I dedicated this page for that to anyone that has had a bad experience with Kelly and hall.


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  1. Victoria Strauss Avatar

    I’m Victoria Strauss with Writer Beware. I’ve gotten complaints about Kelley & Hall and would be interested in more information about your experience. Please email me at Thanks.

  2. Jeff Nelligan Avatar
    Jeff Nelligan

    Uncanny – exactly my experience with Kelley and Hall and Jocelyn Kelley. Huge promises and yet No Delivery of all the components from the Contract, listed below:
    – Core Strategic Campaign Components – Strategy Development
    • Pitch letter;
    • Press release on the book;
    • Press Kit for the book or any other promotional materials;
    • Target media lists;
    • Internet Publicity and outreach to potential media/influencers as alleged;
    • Situation Analysis.

    None of this was delivered. And like the individual who started this website, virtually non-existent communication – phone calls and emails never answered. Two months of stalling.
    And then I was contacted by four individuals who had the exact same experience.
    It’s appalling to me, as it is the individual above, that Jocelyn Kelley can carry on this book publicity company fiction.

  3. Jamison Hill Avatar

    I had a very similar experience with Kelley and Hall and Jocelyn. She is clearly using the same playbook over and over to scam indie authors out of their hard-earned money.

  4. Jeff Nelligan Avatar
    Jeff Nelligan

    One other comment – my book that was not promoted whatsoever is about kids rebounding from the damage of pandemic lockdowns and school closures. The sole reason I went with Jocelyn Kelley was because she told me she had a young son who was heavily and negatively affected by the school closures. Now of course, I wonder if she has a son at all, or if she does, if he’s like good ole Mom.

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